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Filters and coatings for low pressure casting

Products for low-pressure foundries: coatings for chills, filters and accessories, FONDERMAT’s products for low-pressure foundries:

Coatings for chills (LPDC = Low Pressure Die-Casting) Iron filters Auxiliary products Accessories and spare parts

The filling system in low-pressure casting foundries requires the filling of a metal chill, which is performed by having the molten metal rise up a tube immersed in the aluminium bath below, on the surface of which a light pressure is applied. The piece can have thin, finned walls, and the characteristics are similar to those of gravity chill castings, with the advantage of having a single central feed, and the almost complete absence of dross. This system can be used to obtain pieces weighing up to 70 kg, with tolerances that vary from 0.3 to 0.6 %.