Injection of flux using inert gases

Automatic line for flux injection

This is an automatic line for the injection of fluxes in the molten alloy bath through the use of an inert gas.
The equipment has limited size, is mounted on a trolley structure that allows it to be moved easily inside the foundry.

This equipment is supplied with:

  • a 25 kg granular flux tank
  • a 10 m connection pipe
  • a steel lance nozzle (length 3 or 5 m)

The flux dosage is programmed through a PLC and the inert gas flow is controlled by a flow meter and a pressure meter provided on the equipment itself.

Advantages of SIST DS: high yield of flux blending effective slagging of the alloy with low-aluminium content slag excellent removal of the oxides dissolved in the bath lower fume emissions during the process