Work cell for degassing molten alloy

In addition to being degassing equipment, SIST 5 GR is a full work cell, suitable for performing complete, repetitive metallurgical treatments.
It is equipped with a hopper that can hold up to 25 kg of flux, either slagging products, modifying products or granulates, with a level measurement gauge that indicates when the product runs out.

In the first phase, a tube directs the product into the vortex created by a graphite turning shaft. Thanks to the automatic impeller rotation, the vortex created blends the slagging flux in a homogeneous, continuous manner, providing excellent cleaning of the alloy.
The second phase provides for the degassing through the injection of inert gas.
Thanks to a PLC, either manual or automatic operation can be selected. Flux dosing can be enabled or disabled. There are 10 pre-programmed working cycles and the total time/cycle can be adjusted, delaying even the flux dose and the quantity of product to be used. The machine’s safety devices can also be managed from the control panel.

SIST 5 GR DF is supplied with a manual that includes all information for installation and the instructions for use.

Advantages of SIST 5 GR DF: reduction in alloy porosity improved cleaning of the alloy reduction in production cycle times reproducible results cost reduction reduction in fume emissions elimination of inclusions effective purification