The FONDERMAT range of alloy treatment systems

aluminium treatment

FONDERMAT systems for degassing and treating aluminium alloys:

  • SIST DS: an automatic line for the injection of fluxes in the molten alloy bath employing an inert gas

  • SIST 5: specially designed equipment for degassing aluminium alloys

  • SIST 5 GR : automatic system for alloy treatment and automatic injection of fluxes in the bath

In order to provide concrete solutions to address the new demands of the metallurgy market, FONDERMAT develops and produces degassing systems, real specially-designed work islands that can adapt to all needs. This equipment is fully automatic, guaranteeing the best possible degassing of the liquid alloy, eliminating inclusions. Thanks to the possibility of performing complete, repetitive metallurgical treatments, it is possible to obtain effective purification with sure results as any risk of error due to manual operations is eliminated.

The advantages for the use of these systems are evident:

  • reduction in porosity and a greater cleaning of the alloy (micro-structure)
  • reduction in production cycle times, with reproducible results, and a reduction in the fume emissions and in the production costs